Aura Batang

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Per Batang disponin nus il mument da memia paucas datas. tscherner in'alternativa:

Lieu Distanza Autezza
Aura Shangri-La 249 km ca. 3283 m s.m.
Aura Lijiang 365 km ca. 2397 m s.m.
Aura Chengdu 481 km ca. 499 m s.m.
Aura Dibrugarh 487 km ca. 114 m s.m.
Aura Dali 503 km ca. 1977 m s.m.

U empruvai ina da las suandantas pussaivladads:


levada 07:51
Meridian 13:36
rendida 19:21
Day length 11H 29M 53S


rendida 09:41
proxima glina nova
levada 22:42
proxima glina plaina

Batang, 28 da favrer 2024


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auter num 夏邛, Xiàqióng Zhèn, Xiaqiong, Pa-t'ang-hsien, Pa-t'ang, Pa-an-hsien, Pa-an, Bathang, Batan, Baanfu, Baan'
pajais ChinaChina
Sichuan Sheng
autezza ca. 2563 m s.m.
coordinatas 30° 0.4' N 99° 6.3' O

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