Welcome to our new website!

Were's the old MeteoNews?

Screenshot alte homepage.png

Our old homepage informed its users for many years about rain, storm and even summer heat. But unfortunately, it sunk into the snow of December 20th 2011 - so the developers decided to create a new - and even better - one.

Here it is - the new MeteoNews!

Like the old one, our new homepage is to inform you about all cases of weather. If you found here with a bookmark or link, we try to send you to the rigth place in the new page. Nevertheless, we advise you to updater your bookmark.

What's new on new MeteoNews?

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The heart of the new homepage is the page of your location, showing you all the weather content related to the Place.

On the left part, please find some navigation tools, as the search box related to more than 7 million places all over the world, or your favourites visited before. With the link near the small map, you can navigate to a country map, where you find the most important cities in the country and other related information like Satellite image Switzerland or Precipitation map Switzerland.

Send your feedback to MeteoNews.

Just use our Feedback to tell us why you like our page, or what you suggest us how to enhance the content.

But the most important: enjoy the new MeteoNews!